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    • 06 December 2016
    • Автор: GucciMan

    I’d like to tell you a few words about my favourite day of the week. It is Saturday, of course, because on this day my weekend starts. We have a six-day school week, so on Saturday morning I still study. However, starting from the afternoon I’m free till Monday. My friend has once asked me why I like Saturday more than Sunday and I exactly knew the answer. First of all, on Saturday I don’t have to worry about going to bed late. On week days, my parents tell me that I should go to bed early not to be late for school next morning. Even on Sunday they don’t allow me to stay longer than 10 pm, because I have to wake up early on Monday morning. That’s why I like Saturdays more. We don’t usually have many classes on this day, only a few. After that, I meet up with my friends and we go to the local sports ground. Depending on weather, we can play football, volleyball or other outdoor games there. If we are in the mood for pizza or hot-dog, we go to the nearest cafe. In the evening I’m allowed to invite my friends over for a movie or a computer game. Sometimes we play interesting board games. When my friends leave, I can still do whatever I like, for example, play with my hamster, read a book or help my mum to cook something delicious. The main thing is that I can stay up as long as I wish. Sundays are also fun. Sometimes we visit our relatives on this day and I get to play with my cousins. In the evening I have to do my homework and get ready for the school week. By the way, I like weekends even more when they are tied up with special occasions or holidays.

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